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What fleet solutions are available to your business?

Corparison offers an all-encompassing service comprised of bespoke fleet solutions that are there to make your business operations more efficient and cost-effective.

From outsourcing your fleet management entirely to implementing a salary sacrifice scheme for your employees, every business has an array of options available.

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Fleet management

Fleet management is the operation and management of business vehicles, be that cars or vans. No matter the size of the fleet and whether company-owned or grey fleet, if your business is responsible for vehicles and their drivers, effective fleet management will be high on your list of priorities.

Our fleet management solutions are tailored to your business and cover your entire business journey, from acquisition and procurement to financing and maintenance.

As fleet vehicle supply experts, our team have multiple funding options available and will find the most cost-effective outcome for your business as your fleet takes shape.

Corparison's fleet management solution uses industry-leading software to give your business valuable insights into the performance of your road-users.

Our in-depth solutions create multiple avenues to reduce your operational costs; from optimising your acquisition, to ongoing support that allows your team to work more efficiently.

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Salary sacrifice

Our salary sacrifice scheme is an enticing non-cash benefit that you can offer to employees at no additional cost to your business.

A meaningful employee perk that can help your staff make valuable savings month on month, Corparison’s salary sacrifice scheme will aid your business's recruitment and retention.

As procurement specialists, we offer your employees substantial savings on zero-emission vehicles.

They exchange a portion of their gross salary to pay for the cost of the car lease. They then make savings on the income tax and National Insurance Contributions (NIC) from their remaining gross salary, while your business saves on Class 1 NIC.

In a world where everyone wants their money to work harder, your employees can make significant savings on their car every month, as well as reduce your business costs.

Not only will they save money on their monthly payments, but with access to the latest electric cars, reduced running costs will be another priceless perk.

Don't just take our word for it. Use our handy salary sacrifice calculator to browse live rates and see exactly where the savings are coming from.

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Accident management

The old saying rings true: fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Accident management can be one of the most crucial aspects of creating a reliable fleet.

In short, accident management keeps your fleet moving and your business in operation.

We understand that accidents happen, but we protect you and minimise the risk of loss of earnings to your business. From vehicle recovery to short and long-term rentals and assisting with repairs, we put the solutions in place to get you moving again when you need it most.

Our accident management programme can be rolled into your fleet management set-up, meaning you needn’t look anywhere else.

We have all the tools to get you back on the road in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Driving licence checking

No matter the size of your fleet, you have a duty of care to ensure the drivers representing your business are safe and legal.

Driving licence checking is a requirement to both confirm the eligibility of your drivers and ensure the safety of them and other road users.

A thorough driving licence check will ensure that your fleet drivers, company car and grey fleet drivers are road worthy and minimise any potential risk to your business. 

Our software will instantly obtain all the vital records you need at the frequency you require, with minimal details from your drivers.

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EV consultancy and electric fleet transition planning

Transitioning into an electric fleet is a large-scale operation that requires logistical and financial considerations to ensure your business can make an effective and seamless switch out of combustion vehicles.

We're experts in electrification and are driven by a desire to create sustainable, high-performing electric fleets. Our support is extensive and ensures your business has all the tools to maximise a greener future.

We're a team of procurement specialists but our support doesn't end with simply supplying electric vehicles. We have joined forces with several other industry-leading partners to provide affordable charging, insurance and sustainable energy solutions too.

There is no stone left unturned. Our consultative approach will help your business maximise its efficiency and hit your long-term sustainability goals.

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Grey fleet management

An grey fleet is an efficient method of expanding your business fleet while saving money on factors like acquisition and maintenance.

Employees using their personal vehicles for business usage compile to your grey fleet. Therefore, a successful grey fleet comes with tax benefits for your business and reduces administrative workload.

Compared to a traditional business fleet, a grey fleet opens greater flexibility if your travel plans are irregular or inconsistent.

While you save money on acquisition and maintenance costs, a grey fleet management is not without its risks, and it is your business that could be held liable should accidents occur.

Despite these being personal vehicles, your business has a duty of care to confirm that they are suitably insured, maintained and safe for your employees to represent your business.

Corparison grey fleet management helps drivers and businesses better track and manage their vehicles, ensuring suitable vehicle safety checks have been carried out and confirmation of a vehicle’s insurance and MOT status is provided.

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Depending on the needs of your fleet, GPS technology can be fitted to vehicles in several different ways and this reports back a wealth of valuable data.

From harsh braking to regular speeding, the insights that telematics can provide are invaluable.

Installing a telematics programme for your fleet will highlight areas of potential savings for your business. this includes more efficient route planning, eradicating irrational driving habits, as well as identifying opportunities to switch to ultra-low emission or zero emission vehicles. It'll also deter theft and misuse, as well as aiding recovery in the event of a breakdown or collision. 

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Affinity Scheme

Reward your employees with a significant discount on the latest models on the market.

Corparison are a team of procurement specialists and, with multiple funding options available, we can exclusively offer your staff discounted car lease deals.

With your bespoke portal filled with our latest offers, Corparison’s affinity scheme will support your business in meeting your corporate social responsibility targets, increase employee satisfaction and lower your carbon footprint with access to enticing electric car lease deals.

Unlike conventional fleet management or grey fleet, there’s also no additional paperwork required from your business.

An attractive employee perk, Corparison’s affinity scheme is another valuable addition to your business and will strengthen your ability to attract new staff and retain your current workforce.  

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Whole life cost

Building a fleet in many ways is like building your business. You’re forecasting and budgeting for months and years in advance, which is why it is crucial to consider the whole life cost of your vehicles.

Whole life cost is exactly what it says on the tin. It looks beyond the headline rental figures and accounts for the true cost of the vehicle throughout its entire lifetime.

It accounts for additional costs like acquisition, maintenance, average fuel or charging costs and tyres. It is the most accurate form of reporting on the true cost of a fleet vehicle.

Using Corparison’s whole-life cost calculator, you can accurately see and compare each vehicle and the savings on offer.

Comparing a vehicle’s cost over several years allows for more accurate and in-depth budget forecasting and greater clarity over where your budget is being spent.

Considering the whole life cost of a car or van is central to our consultative approach. We’re looking for the best long-term mobility solution that guarantees savings year on year for your business.

Whatever fleet solutions you're looking for and whatever your fleet size, the Corparison team are here to help. With over 300 years of collective automotive experience across our team and with platinum rated service ratings, you're in safe hands.

Ready to redefine your fleet services?