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Streamline your grey fleet

Grey Fleet Management is the management and organisation of any personal employee vehicles used for business purposes. This could include employees driving to and from meetings or work locations, no matter how long or frequent those journeys are.

Businesses have a duty of care to ensure that those vehicles in question and their drivers are safe and roadworthy. 

Vehicles will need to be well maintained, have suitable insurance policies that cover them for business travel with regular and recorded driver suitability checks. Without this, it could be the business that is liable in the event of a collision or misdemeanor while out on the road.

The risks of grey fleet

If your business doesn’t require regular or frequent travel, a grey fleet can be a hugely cost-effective option instead of a company car scheme. Employees will be reimbursed for their mileage costs only, so it can offer considerable savings to your business.

However, because they are personal vehicles used for business purposes, there are additional risks that come with grey fleets that must be managed accordingly by the business. 

What are the benefits of grey fleet management?

  • Reduce grey fleet operations by optimising fuel consumption
  • Minimise the risk of unexpected costs
  • Maintaining compliance with insurance and MOT checks
  • Track and report on your grey fleet more efficiently with less time-consuming paperwork

Why does my business need grey fleet management?

Your business could be liable for vehicle damages or insurance costs

If a vehicle is not covered for business purposes and was to be involved in an accident, a traditional policy would not cover this, and your business could find itself liable for any additional charges.

Older vehicles can pose higher risks

Personal cars are typically replaced more infrequently than company cars and can often be older vehicles that come with increased risks. 

Additional reporting demands placed on the business

If your organisation runs a grey fleet, you will be responsible for routine reporting on mileage and the vehicle’s condition. 

Take the stress out of grey fleet management