The ultimate employee perk

Corparison’s salary sacrifice scheme is an enticing non-cash benefit for your employees that will help you recruit, reward and retain employees at no additional cost to your business.

As fleet vehicle supply specialists, we can offer your employees substantial savings on the latest ultra-low and zero-emission vehicles.

Corparison are supported by many of the industry's most respected funders, giving us the flexibility to offer the most competitive prices on electric vehicles that are in stock and ready to be delivered.

How salary sacrifice works

Your employees exchange a portion of their gross salary to pay for the net cost of the car lease and the small cost of the benefit in kind tax.

They make savings on the income tax and NIC of their remaining gross salary, while your business saves on Class 1 NIC.

All the while, you’re creating a safer and greener business. It’s a win-win for employees and employers.

With Corparison’s support, we will assist your business in implementing and managing the scheme, leaving you and your employees to focus on the most important tasks at hand.

Why choose the Corparison salary sacrifice scheme


  • Big savings on National Insurance and pension contributions
  • Hit sustainability and CSR ambitions and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Improve employee satisfaction at no additional cost


  • Discounted monthly prices on a brand-new EV
  • Reduced running costs
  • Huge savings on Income Tax and National Insurance


Representative salary sacrifice rates

Employees can generally save between 30-50% on a salary sacrifice car compared to leasing directly. Now that's going to retain the best talent and entice new recruits! This saving considers the amount of salary they have to forgo minus the savings made in employment taxes compared to the current personal contract hire rate. All this at no cost to your business!

We'll support all communication to your business, provide step-by-step guides for your payroll teams and be on hand every step of the way.

Don't believe us? Use our live salary sacrifice calculator to understand the facts and figures. Plus, here are some live examples based on current rates.


Salary sacrifice FAQ's

Does it cost to join the Corparison salary sacrifice scheme?
You can offer the salary sacrifice scheme to your staff at no additional cost to your business. We’ll introduce your team to our offers and the payments come directly from their salary.
Is salary sacrifice only available on EVs?
Salary sacrifice is best utilised on zero-emission vehicles due to their favourable Benefit in Kind tax rates. Benefit in Kind rates are capped at 2% until 2025, which is how your employees will make their savings.
Who is eligible for salary sacrifice?
Your employee must hold a valid UK driving licence, be aged 18 or over and have passed any probation periods outlined in their contract. They must be on a permanent contract with your business or be paid via PAYE. They will not be eligible if their chosen car takes their salary below the minimum wage.
Does my business need to manage the admin?
There's no additional workload required from your business. Once you're signed up, we'll take care of the rest. We'll work with you to create a policy that's suitable for your employees and they'll be given access to their designated portal. Here they can browse, compare and order vehicles just as they would if they were leasing a personal vehicle.
How can my business join the Corparison salary sacrifice scheme?
Get in contact with a member of our team today to find out how easily we can implement a salary sacrifice scheme for your employees. We’ll need to find out a few more basic details about your business and that’s it – the salary sacrifice scheme comes at no additional cost.

Ready to reward employees and your CSR efforts?