Financial and logistical factors your business must consider as you transition towards fleet electrification.

Moving away from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to a fully electric fleet can be a daunting but rewarding task for your business. 

With the 2030 ban on petrol and diesel vehicles on the horizon, acquiring electric vehicles (EVs) is something at the forefront of any business looking to meet its corporate social responsibility targets. 

Fleet electrification can feel overwhelming. But if planned correctly and attentively, it doesn’t have to be problematic. 

This is where we can help. Our team will guide your business through your electrification journey. We’ve picked out a few of the key considerations that your business will need to bear in mind if you’re looking to make the switch. But for bespoke and personal help, simply book a call with our team.

Driver training

EVs are increasingly popular among the general public, but for some of your drivers, this could be their first experience behind the wheel of one. 

In reality, there are very few differences between EVs and their ICE alternatives aside from the driving sensation.

Instant torque and increased power can feel worlds away from your traditional ICE cars and driving standards must be considered.

Quicker acceleration can feel like a novelty at first but in practice is not the most efficient way to drive an EV. 

Implementing a driver training programme or test drive experience for your drivers can provide them with invaluable insight before they’re out driving in the real world.

Not only will this result in a safer fleet with improved driving behaviour, but it will increase your efficiency and support your drivers in maximising their electric range. 

Further training and education surrounding charging will also reduce any fears of ‘range anxiety’ among those new to the world of EVs.

Mercedes-Benz EQA charging point

Charging solutions

The implementation of EVs at any scale must come with charging considerations.

If your business is looking for a smooth and seamless transition, the installation of charging facilities on your premises could be the perfect solution.

Our team are experts in electrification and will be on hand to advise as you plan your transition towards a sustainable fleet. As part of our fleet audit, we will identify the best charging solution for business, with energy and solar considerations.

Installing electric charging facilities at your workplace can not only improve your fleet but also encourage greater EV uptake among staff and grey fleet drivers.

You will have to consider what options are available at your site premises, how many chargers can be feasibly installed or if home charging support is the best option for your fleet.

Depending on the needs of your business, your fleet might be more reliant on charging out in the field. EV charge cards can be a simple, yet effective addition to your fleet operation to simplify your expenses, maintain cost control and finally get rid of that endless stack of receipts on your desk.

Kia EV6 dashboard

Performance and efficiency

The most important aspect of your transition journey is selecting the right EV for your business.

Finding the right fleet vehicle can often feel like a minefield, balancing battery size, electric range, technology and that’s before you even consider battling the latest supply challenges.

It could be that a Fiat 500 Electric is the perfect addition to your fleet, or if you need something a little more range, you could be looking at a Skoda Enyaq iV.

For businesses looking to add vans to their vehicle fleet, there is also the need strike a balance of durable range and sufficient payload space.

Thankfully, our team are procurement specialists. It’s their job to listen to the unique requirements of your business to identify the perfect EV for you.

Such is the competitiveness of the EV sector, there are multiple excellent electric cars available with at least 200 or even 300 plus miles in claimed range.

The Corparison team have multiple funding options available to them and by working with some of the industry’s leading funders and manufacturers, can source any vehicle, no matter the shape or size, without the long lead times.

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