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Fleet Management is an all-encompassing service and process that allows a company to manage, organise and run its fleet of cars and vans cost-effectively and efficiently.

Bespoke fleet solutions designed around your business will streamline your operations, creating a more efficient and profitable fleet.

Supporting your entire fleet journey from procurement, financing, maintenance and everything in between, we can also support you with additional services like accident management, vehicle recovery and fleet branding.

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What size fleet does your business run?

Small fleets: 1-20 vehicles

If your business is running a fleet of between one and 20 vehicles, get in touch to find out how we can support your company in streamlining your operations.

See how Corparison can help your small fleet today

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Medium fleet: 21-100 vehicles

Your business already has an expansive fleet in place. We’ll identify fleet solutions that maximise your fleet efficiency and reduce operational costs without compromising performance.

Fleet solutions for medium-sized fleets

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Large fleet: 100+ vehicles

Optimise your fleet performance with first-class mobility solutions designed to maximise performance and profits without compromising on outstanding customer service.

Explore our fleet management options for your large fleet

Benefits of fleet management

Reduce operational costs and increase business profits

Save time and money on the associated costs of running a fleet. From procurement to financing and maintenance, Corparison will find you the best fleet vehicles at the best price for your business.

Allow your team to work more efficiently

Wave goodbye to endless spreadsheets and old-fashioned paper documents. Our industry-leading fleet management software is simple to use and easy to set up, allowing you to focus on the most important aspects of your business.

Run a safe and legal fleet

You have a duty of care to ensure the vehicles representing your business are safe and legal. This includes ensuring the vehicles are suitably maintained and drivers passing their relevant licence checks.

Minimise downtime and disruption

Sometimes things go wrong, and your fleet must be ready to react accordingly. We help provide accident management services and access to short and long-term rentals. We’ll keep your drivers and business on the move should the worst happen.

Improve customer satisfaction

A successful commercial fleet must always keep the customer at the forefront of their business. Our tools and services will help enable your business to hit your targets and maximise the potential performance of your fleet.

Sustainable solutions for long-term savings

Our experts in electrification will identify opportunities for long-term, sustainable savings and help guide your business into a new era of greener, more eco-conscious fleets. Start your journey to an electric fleet today with Corparison's support.

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