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Track and monitor your fleet with Corparison telematics

Vehicle telematics is a service that tracks and monitors vehicles as well as the driving standards of your fleet. 

The vehicle has been recorded through a small telematics device, which can be fitted in several different ways, depending on your data requirements. 

Telematics is an essential tool for your business, providing a single straightforward solution for tracking and monitoring the efficiency of your fleet.

Whether you need to track your vehicles, driving habits, environmental targets or you’re looking to reduce operational costs, telematics provides invaluable data to do all the above.

How does a telematics system work?

The technology gathers key information generated by the vehicle. Once the data has been retrieved, it will be uploaded to your telematics system’s software. Using an app or an online account, you’ll find insightful reports about the performance of your vehicles.

Why should you consider telematics?

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Save you time

Telematics reduces the risk of downtime. You’ll be warned of any mechanical issues through helpful alerts, which lowers time spent on manual checks and allows you to react promptly

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Save you money

The ability to monitor fuel consumption and enhanced route planning will create a more efficient operation for your business

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Help with sustainability and EV transition goals

Telematics can start your EV transition, collecting valuable data that could shape the future of your fleet. It will help identify suitable electric vehicles that will create a more efficient, greener fleet that doesn't compromise on performance

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Contribute towards CSR targets

Lowering your fuel consumption and identifying opportunities to add ultra-low emission vehicles to your fleet will reduce your carbon footprint and help your business achieve its corporate social responsibility targets

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