Significant employee discount at no extra cost to your business

The Corparison affinity scheme allows your employees to make huge savings on their car lease deals every month.

At no additional cost to your business, you can implement a valuable and sought-after employee perk.

In what is a fantastic alternative to the traditional company car scheme, we can offer your staff exclusive discounts on some of the latest and best models available.

Why should your business run an affinity scheme with Corparison?

An affinity scheme is an attractive perk that will help your business attract new staff and increase employee satisfaction among your current workforce.

As these vehicles are solely for private use, it also reduces compliance and liability risks that can come with grey fleet management.

With access to the latest and most efficient models, an affinity scheme will aid your business’s corporate social responsibility targets.

Not only is there no added cost to your business, but there’s also no additional paperwork to take care of either. We’ll handle the rest, and we promise to take good care of your team.

Business benefits of an affinity scheme

  • Increase employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • No additional costs to your business
  • Attract new staff with discount incentives
  • Contribute towards corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets

How do my employees benefit from an affinity scheme?

Our personal cars are often one of our biggest monthly expenditures and if your employees are not eligible for a company car, that cost is typically left solely to them.

Discounted car lease deals are an employee perk that goes above and beyond your traditional high-street vouchers.

They can access exclusive deals designed for your business, with significant savings on their monthly payments. And they won't get them anywhere else.

With electric cars and ultra-low emission vehicles on offer, there are further savings to be enjoyed with reduced running costs. We can work with you on only presenting your staff vehicles that suit your business needs: whether this is style, type, trim, colour, fuel type, or more.

In a world where we’re all trying to make our money work that little bit harder, this is an employee perk that promises value.

How does an affinity scheme work?


Business signs up


Corparison create exclusive offers


Staff browse and select their deals


Car is delivered

Start your affinity scheme today