Whole life cost

Browse and compare the true cost of your next fleet vehicle

Knowing which vehicles are best for your drivers, but also your business’s bottom line, is crucial to running a streamlined and cost-effective fleet.

A whole life cost calculation gives you a complete overview of what a vehicle will cost your business over its entire lifespan, from initial rental to maintenance, to total fuel cost.

You don’t want to be spending over the odds on a vehicle that isn’t going to suit your needs, even if the upfront costs are enticing.

Corparison’s whole life cost calculation gives you the control back. You’ll have the knowledge to select the right vehicles at the lowest total cost to your business, freeing up valuable capital to be used elsewhere. It gives context to the savings made on certain vehicles, including EVs, beyond just the cost of the vehicle itself.

Whole life cost insight

knowing the whole life cost of your vehicles is the best way to maximise your company’s financial, environmental and tax efficiency.

You might even find that a seemingly more expensive vehicle will save you money in the long run once you’ve worked out what it’ll cost compared to a ‘cheaper’ alternative.

Unless you know the whole life cost of a vehicle, you could make an expensive error. 

Turn your fleet green and save money

Whole life cost calculations are crucial to making the switch from a combustion engine vehicle to an electric one.

With the 2030 petrol and diesel ban looming, there’s never been a better time to crunch those numbers and see how much the switch will save you. Though the initial investment for an electric vehicle is higher (EVs currently cost more upfront than a petrol or diesel car, and you might need to install workplace chargers), the whole life cost can often work out more cost-effective.

There are tax savings to be had by switching your fleet to electric, and the running costs are more affordable. Using our whole life cost calculations will put this in the spot light, and leave you completely informed.

What does Corparison’s whole life cost calculations include?

  • Additional servicing and maintenance
  • Total fuel or electricity costs
  • Corporation tax relief and VAT recovery
  • Class 1A National Insurance
  • Depreciation
  • Total and monthly rental cost
  • Insurance

Compare prices with our whole life cost calculator

Why should I use a whole life cost calculation?

The value of a vehicle is about so much more than just the monthly rental price.

Whole life calculations make it easier to accurately compare vehicles and identify the best choices for your business – reducing costs and lowering the time spent looking for the right vehicle.

And whole life calculations are just as important for commercial vehicles, which are more likely to be in harm’s way. A whole life cost calculation for a van can give you a good idea of whether it’s worth adding vehicle protection and panelling at the outset to prevent you from having to shell out more for repairs further down the line.

Whether you’re after a fleet of cars, vans, or both, utilising our whole life cost calculation will streamline your fleet and cut your costs in no time.

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