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Know where your vehicles are and where they’ve been

Monitor your vehicles in real-time and improve your fleet operations. 

To maximise productivity and profitability, you’ll have everything you need in one place to look at your fleet’s daily operations by using a vehicle tracking and recovery system. 

The system consists of a GPS tracking device which collects a range of data from your company vehicles and transmits their locations to you. 

Vehicle tracking and recovery systems can monitor driving behaviour, prevent vehicle theft and plan more efficient routes for a streamlined fleet operation.

Why choose vehicle tracking software?

Safety and security icon

Safety and security

Vehicles can often be stolen for parts or equipment. A tracking system can help prevent theft and should the worst happen, increase the likelihood of recovering the vehicle

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Mileage tracking

For tax purposes and compliance, it’s important that the mileage data you send to HMRC is correct. You’ll save time and money by not sifting through paperwork and your reports will show more efficient routes to help cut back on mileage and fuel use

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Improve driver behaviour

Access greater visibility on how your vehicles are being driven and monitor the safety of your drivers. Identify opportunities for more efficient driving to maximise fuel usage or electric range

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Customer satisfaction

Track your drivers’ locations in real time to provide accurate updates to customers. Allowing for more opportunities to showcase your excellent customer stackable and tackle any potential issues that arise

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