Van Guard Accessories

Industry: Automotive

Fleet size: 0-10

Company size: 50+

Introducing Van Guard

First established in 1976 as engineering company GK Land Engineering Co., Van Guard Accessories is a specialist van accessories manufacturer, providing van accessories, storage and security solutions for the light commercial vehicle market.

Van Guard is a Made in Britain manufacturer, and prides itself on having full UK manufacturing capabilities which gives them agility in an often out-sourced market.

This agility, alongside their 55-strong team (compromising of assembly, warehouse, customer service, sales, finance and marketing) allows Van Guard to offer next-day delivery across a range of products, and the team is always working on new innovations to push the business to the next level.

See and hear more from Alan and Emlyn at Van Guard and why they chose Corparison to support their fleet:


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Standing out in a crowd

Van Guard currently operates a mixed fleet of both car and van.

The company uses its cars to visit customers and prospects, and its vans for a mixture of engineering work, training at customer bases and at marketing exhibitions to showcase the full range of Van Guard Accessories products.

Alan and Emlyn

Alan Smith (Business Development Manager) and Emlyn Harris (Managing Director)

Prior to working with Corparison, Van Guard found that with many other brokers, once the contract had been signed the communication stopped, and they were often left in the dark about the state of their lease.


‘I would happily recommend anyone contact Corparison for their vehicle needs. Great company, very forward-thinking and very helpful. The process is very simple, very easily done and you know what’s going on at any given time.’ Alan Smith, Business Development Manager

Sparks flying off of grinder

Van Guard have full manufacturing capabilities in their Exeter-based factory

Communication is key

The business switched to using Corparison as their supplier around 18 months ago.

Corparison were able to provide the business with clear, transparent and honest communication, which then allowed Van Guard to plan every step of the procurement process.

The Corparison service doesn’t stop when the signature is on the dotted line, either.

Van Guard roof racks

The first port of call

Van Guard received constant updates on when their vehicles were due to arrive and information about changes to build specs, with all their questions answered before they were even asked.

And Corparison’s close-knit relationships with OEM partners and ability to access a panel of funders means that Van Guard benefit from knowing that they only need to use one supplier, and they’ll get the best quotes available with the best communication and the best customer service.


‘What Corparison gave us was clear communication, and they were very honest with how they operated. What we’re looking at is every lease that becomes available, Corparison is our first port of call now.’ Emlyn Harris, Managing Director

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