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With your fleet always on the go, the need to keep your fleet clean is essential

This can be time-consuming and can come with substantial costs for your business. Unless you have the equipment and staff available, cleaning your fleet vehicles in-house is challenging.

We offer a simple solution to keeping your fleet clean that will prevent any logistical headaches. 

We’ve partnered with a leading fleet vehicle washing service to keep your fleet clean and reduce your vehicle washing admin.

With a network of washing sites across the UK, we make it easy to keep your vehicles looking pristine wherever they are.

Using the smartphone app, you and your drivers can manage any washing expenses in one place and monitor which vehicles are due a clean.

The importance of keeping your fleet clean

Regular cleaning and upkeep of your fleet can have quite the impact.

Brand image and reputation is one of the main reasons you’ll want to keep your fleet vehicles looking sharp. Ensure you’re making the best first impression with presentable and clean vehicles that have the potential to be seen by thousands of fellow road users every day.

Regular cleaning can reduce maintenance costs as dirty vehicles can increase the speed of wear and tear on your vehicles.

Clean fleet vehicles help improve visibility and reduce the risk of accidents, improving the safety of your drivers.

Benefits of a fleet washing contract

  • Vehicles cleaned by professionals
  • Allows your employees to focus on their day-to-day work
  • Save money on expensive equipment or cleaning products.
  • Maintain a clean and respectable brand image

Clean up your fleet today